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A Guide To Civil Partnership Visas

A Guide To Civil Partnership Visas

  1. What is a Civil Partnership visa?

    A Civil Partnership Visa is a Visa that permits a partner in a same-sex relationship to come to the UK to register the relationship.

  2. Who is eligible for the Civil Partnership visa?

    Same-sex couples in a relationship similar to marriage are eligible for this visa. The relationship must be a highly committed and monogamous relationship, must intend to live together, build a home and grow old together.

  3. What is the Unmarried Partners Rule?

    The Unmarried Partners Rule permits an overseas national to enter or remain the UK as the unmarried partner of a person living here if three main requirements are met:

  4. a relationship similar to a marriage must have existed for two or more years;
  5. a previous relationship similar in nature must have permanently broken down; and
  6. the couple must intend to live together permanently.
  7. Can I register the Civil Partnership if I am in England?

    A Civil Partnership can only be registered with the registrar if the non UK national has entered the UK on a Proposed Civil Partner Visa or if they have a Certificate of Approval (COA), which is a written permission from the Secretary of State to enter into a Civil Partnership

  8. How long does the person have before registering the partnership once the person arrives in the UK?

    The non-UK national has six months to register the partnership once entering the UK.

  9. Does the non-UK national have to leave the UK once registering the partnership has been registered?

    If the person entered the UK with a Civil Partnership Visa then the person does not have to leave the UK. The person can apply for a Further Leave to Remain in the UK.

  10. Will the non-UK national be entitled to work?

    No. The person will not be able to work until further leave to remain as a "Civil Partner" has been granted.

  11. Can I petition my partner if I entered into a Legal Partnership outside the UK?

    Yes. In some instances, the host country may permit the UK Consulate or Embassy to register partners as Civil Partners.

  12. What if my partner is a European Economic Area (EEA) National?

    A EEA national can apply to enter the UK as a family member. The sponsors do not need to have a UK registration certificate.

  13. Why use a solicitor instead of doing it yourself?

    A successful application is not just a correctly filled form. An application's success depends primarily on the supporting documents submitted with the application. Failing to submit the proper documents will result in unnecessary delay or an outright denial. A failed application may mean that the applicant has overstayed; therefore, prejudicing future immigration applications. Therefore, it is crucial that the applicant receives the correct advice and guidance on submitting the application.

    An experienced solicitor will advise you on the documents that should be submitted with the application to increase the likelihood of its success. An experienced solicitor will know which documents increase the success rate.

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