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Prison law is a field fraught with emotional difficulties, both for children and adults detained by the state and their families and friends. At Irwin Mitchell, our prison law solicitors are ready to handle your case with utmost care and sensitivity, to help you through the various legal processes while minimising the stress and anguish.

What We Do

Our prison and civil liberties law experts can provide you with advice and support across a wide range of legal issues, including:

  • Challenging poor conditions and addressing medical issues in prisons and other places of detention
  • Supporting prisoners through the parole process
  • Ensuring that the categorisation of prisoners is appropriate to them
  • Supporting families who are party to coroners’ inquests after deaths in prison or police custody

About Irwin Mitchell 

Irwin Mitchell is a respected member of The Criminal Appeal Solicitors Association and we have extensive experience of representing children and adults detained by the state and their families, with particular experience in working with those facing long term or life sentences.

Working with our team of legal specialists, you can expect professional and understanding advice, explaining all aspects of the law relating to your case in easy-to-follow terms.

How We Have Affected Prison Law 

Over the years, Irwin Mitchell we have been influential in amending various aspects of Prison Law and Civil Liberties. We have affected changes to penal policy and worked to restrict the power of politicians to dictate term lengths and the terms of life imprisonment.

You can be sure that when you work with us you are dealing with real experts who can help you your case, even if that means challenging current law and regulations. Our prison law solicitors are able to apply the Human Rights Act in a legal claim.

We will work with you to investigate whether you are eligible for public funding (legal aid) or whether your claim can be funded through Legal Expense Insurance. We will advise you on the best way to fund your case.

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