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We all know that accidents can happen. Often, we cause an accident ourselves because we’re rushing or not taking enough care. Sometimes however, someone else is to blame for an accident and it may be possible for you to claim compensation for your injuries.

Claiming Compensation For Injuries And Illnesses

In society we all have to take care of ourselves but also take care of each other, for example by driving safely. Businesses and councils have a duty to take care of people who use their services or enter their property. If they don’t take proper care of you and you are injured or taken ill then you could claim  compensation to help you to pay for:

  • Private medical treatment to help you to recover more quickly
  • Your bills if you can’t work because of your injuries
  • Travel to and from hospital appointments

Compensation will also reflect the fact that you have suffered pain and injury. And if your injuries or illness mean that you won’t be able to work again or earn as much as you once could, then the amount you are paid will take that into account. If you have lost a loved one through someone else’s negligence then you could claim compensation for your loss or on their behalf.

If you’ve been hurt or suffered an illness and it wasn’t your fault, you could claim compensation. For example, you might have:

  • Slipped on a wet floor
  • Tripped in a pothole
  • Been harmed at work (even if you work for the military)
  • Have been injured in an accident in any public place or business premises
  • Have been injured through someone else’s actions (e.g. in a road accident, or from a dog bite)
  • Suffered because of some kind of environmental contamination
  • Contracted food poisoning as a result of negligence

How Irwin Mitchell Can Help You With Your Injury Claim

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We have a specialist team of solicitors who are experts in handling claims for personal injury and illness.  We know what sorts of worries and problems you might be facing if you have been injured and can advise not only on your claim but also on the support services that may be available to help you to recover. We can give you advice on issues such as benefit entitlements, employment rights and other financial issues.

Our solicitors helped Karen after she was injured in an accident at a train station involving a ticket barrier. In this video she talks about her accident, the physical effects and pursuing her claim.

We have a wealth of experience in successfully claiming compensation for people who have been injured in all sorts of ways when someone else was to blame. We are well-known for our determination to get proper compensation for our clients and we will fight fearlessly to achieve the best outcome for you.


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Other Accident & Illness Claims

  • Accidents In Gyms
    If you have been injured in a gym because of broken equipment, inappropriate or missing training, a slip or trip or any other form of accident that was not your fault, you may be able to claim compensation.
  • Accidents In Public Places Claims
    If you have been injured after an accident in a public place, including in the street, in a park or in a shop or business premises, you may be able to make a compensation claim.
  • Children's Accident Claims
    Children are often involved in accidents. If your child was injured in an accident and someone else was at fault, we could help you to claim compensation.
  • School Injury Claims
    If your child was injured in an accident at school and someone else was at fault, we could help you to claim compensation.
  • Claims Against The Council
    If you have been injured as a result of a trip or fall on council-owned land or property, such as on a pavement, you may be able to make a personal injury claim against the council or local authority for compensation.
  • Dog Bite Claims
    We have helped many clients to claim compensation after they were bitten by a dog. If you or a loved one have been involved in a dog attack, contact us for free advice on making claim for compensation.
  • Fall Injury Claims
    We have helped many clients to claim compensation after they were injured in a fall. We can also help with rehabilitation and ongoing support when the fall has caused serious injuries.
  • Horse Riding Injury Claims
    Being involved in a horse riding accident can lead to serious injury. If you have been involved in an accident whilst riding or handling a horse, and someone else was to blame, we could help you claim compensation for the injuries sustained.
  • Illness Compensation Claims
    If you’ve suffered an illness as a result of poor hygiene standards, our specialist solicitors could help you claim the compensation you deserve.
  • Slip And Trip Claims
    We have helped many clients to claim compensation after slips and trips. If you have slipped and injured yourself because of somebody else’s negligence, we could help you to make a claim.
  • Sports Injury Claims
    People will always suffer injuries while playing sport but if you were injured because of somebody else’s negligence, our experienced personal injury lawyers could help you to claim compensation.
  • Supermarket & Shopping Centre Accidents
    Accidents in supermarkets, shops and shopping centres are surprisingly common. We have successfully helped clients to claim compensation after they suffered broken bones, soft tissue injuries and other types of injuries.

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