Jet2 Cabin Smoke Emergency ‘The Latest In-Flight Incident To Raise Safety Concerns’

Legal Specialists Call For Urgent Investigations Into Recent Problems


Specialist aviation lawyers representing passengers injured during emergency landings and in-flight incidents have called for authorities to work quickly and thoroughly to investigate after a Jet2 flight into East Midlands Airport faced cabin smoke issues.

The airline has confirmed that flight LS644 from Ibiza was evacuated following its arrival at the airport on Wednesday night (September 3rd), following an electrical problem which led to the smoke being released into the cabin.

Reports have revealed that some passengers climbed on to the wing of the plane following the problems, with eyewitness accounts suggesting there was a strong burning smell and unrest among those onboard.

An East Midlands Airport spokesperson confirmed some flights were suspended for a short time following the incident.

Irwin Mitchell’s Aviation Law team specialises in helping victims who have suffered physical and psychological injury as a result of aviation accidents including emergency landings to gain justice regarding their ordeals.

In addition to representing clients following many major aviation disasters around the world, members of the team also act for passengers affected by smoke and fume-related incidents on board a number of aircraft. Current cases include acting for passengers on Thomas Cook and Jet2 flights in October 2012, as well as acting for passengers injured during an emergency diversion to Bermuda involving a Thomas Cook flight affected by cabin smoke in April 2013.

Expert Opinion
It is tremendously worrying to hear reports of another cabin smoke emergency, particularly with it being the latest in a series of in-flight incidents which have been reported on in the past week or so – including an Easyjet flight forced into an emergency landing when smoke entered the cockpit.

"Through our work providing legal support for people involved in emergency landing situations and cabin smoke issues, we have seen the significant impact that such problems can have. While they can lead to physical injuries, the psychological toll should not be underestimated with those involved facing the risk of developing serious anxiety and stress as a result of what they have faced.

"In addition, any indication of combustion or overheating on a flight is a serious emergency so it is very important that answers on the causes of this incident are obtained promptly. Very little is so far known regarding the circumstances of this incident, but we hope that Jet2 and aviation safety authorities are able to work both quickly and thoroughly to identify the full chain of events that led to this incident so that lessons can be learned and flight safety improved."
Jim Morris, Partner