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Bypass Delayed Due To Safety Concerns

A Bypass In Lincolnshire Has Been Delayed Due To The Concerns Of Cycling Safety Groups


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397

The Lincoln Eastern Bypass has been delayed after cyclists raised concerns that the new road arrangement could put them in danger.

In 2013, the CTC cycling charity objected to the road because it was thought the layout of the bypass would sever existing cycle paths and would force riders to use poorer quality alternative routes that could lead to accidents.

Keen to respond to the needs of cyclists, the local council amended the plans to include a pedestrian and bike bridge that would allow commuters to avoid traffic-heavy parts of the road.

But the CTC believed the blueprints still had poor sightlines and that cyclists would be forced to be too close to fast-moving cars, which would cause a safety hazard.

The dispute between the local council and the CTC eventually reached the secretary of state for transport, who has now decided to delay the bypass from moving forward because of safety concerns.

In a statement to the press, the CTC welcomed the judgement.

"Going back to the drawing board gives Lincolnshire the opportunity to really make this road into a exemplar, 'cycle proofed' scheme that will make it easier and safer for people to get to and from Lincoln and the villages outside by bike," the charity said.

"CTC Lincolnshire has written to Lincolnshire County Council arguing that the new route at this point will still not give cyclists priority and that a proper crossing is required here if we expect children to be able to use the route safely."

The CTC also made headlines last week after pressuring the Metropolitan Police in London to reduce the number of cyclists they fine for minor offences.

Although those who have already been sanctioned must pay their fines, the force has said it will tell its officers to "ease off" giving out on-the-spot penalties for bikers exiting cycle paths without due care and attention.

The CTC wants the police force to concentrate on reducing the number of cyclists that are killed on the capital's roads, often by HGVs.

Expert Opinion
We continue to see a high number of cases involving vulnerable road users, particularly cyclists, due to inadequate safety measures and education about how to share the roads safely.

“Ensuring the safety of cyclists and reducing the likelihood of a serious injury as a result of a collision is vital, which is why it is important for local authorities to listen to the concerns of these individuals when planning infrastructure projects in their area.

“I hope that the steps taken to make this stretch of road safer are taken into account in similar developments across the country to reduce the number of incidents involving vulnerable road users.”
Neil Whiteley, Partner

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