Baby 'Mauled By Dog'

A 14-Month-Old Boy Has Been Mauled By A Dog


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It has emerged that a 14-month-old boy in the Huddersfield area has been seriously injured by a bull terrier.

Jensen Wood was attacked by the dog at an unnamed relative's home in the Dalton area of the city on Sunday.

After being rushed to hospital, the child was diagnosed with a fractured jaw and facial lacerations and underwent surgery.

The child remains in hospital, where he continues to be treated, but according to the BBC, his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

Detective inspector Andy Leonard, from the West Yorkshire Police Force, told the BBC: "Enquiries are ongoing into the circumstances of the incident and to determine the breed of the dog involved."

The animal in question has been seized and may be destroyed, although it is unclear if this decision has been taken yet.

The news comes just days after a woman was found guilty of allowing her dog to be "dangerously out of control" in a public place.

Louise Nelson, 33, was left needing surgery on her knee after suffering nerve damage following a bite from a five-year-old Akita dog.

Lorain Ronis, 52, was unable to control the animal, which had just won an obedience award at the Crufts awards in London.

However, the dog - named Eddie - has not been destroyed and no order has been made by judges to take the animal into custody.

Miss Nelson, who has attended dog shows for 13 years, said: "I tried to get out of the way but it grabbed hold of my knee and was shaking my kneecap."

Mrs Ronis will be sentenced at a court hearing in August. A custodial sentence is thought to be unlikely.

Expert Opinion
This is a truly shocking case and yet another example of the growing number of dog attacks being reported across the UK in the past couple of years. It is hugely worrying to see this case emerge involving a small child.

“Officers need to investigate the incident fully to ensure as much information as possible is gathered regarding what happened to Jensen, and what can be done to prevent incidents such as this in the future.

“Dog bites are major incidents and we have seen first-hand how victims have had their lives turned upside down as a result of the physical and psychological trauma of such attacks.”
Matthew Currie, Partner