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Colchester Hospital Failings Due To 'Incompetence, Not Corruption'

Hospital Cleared Of Systemic Misrepresentation


Senior managers at Colchester Hospital in Essex have admitted to 563 serious incidents over two years, including avoidable deaths, serious harm to patients, infection outbreaks and allegations of abuse.

The figures exclude cancer cases, which were under separate investigation after the hospital faced accusations of tampering with data last November.

A separate but related inquiry focused on claims that staff were bullied into changing data to make it seem like the hospital was meeting its targets.

Colchester Hospital has now been cleared of the systemic misrepresentation of cancer waiting times, with a review stating that any failings were due to incompetence rather than corruption.

However, the review did find evidence of poor documentation and record-keeping, while numerous patients had experienced poor quality care and treatment.

"It is reassuring to find that there is no evidence of staff being bullied into changing cancer data, but it is even clearer that there were serious managerial failures at the trust," said Adam Cayley, Regional Director at health regulator Monitor.

"The new management team at the hospital is already delivering improvements for patients - a process we expect to see continue."

Expert Opinion
The number of serious incidents that took place at Colchester Hospital, which clearly put the health and safety of patients at risk, was obviously unacceptable. It is reassuring to see that a new management team is in place and that the hospital is delivering improved standards and services.

“All too often we see the serious consequences for patients when records are not kept up-to-date and care standards do not meet even basic standards. We hope that the new management team at the hospital continues to make improvements and the facility will once again offer the standards expected at NHS hospitals.”
Lisa Jordan, Partner

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