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Unregistered Appliances Could Pose Safety Risk

Lack Of Registrations Means Users Cannot Be Contacted


Consumers could be at risk from a lack of safety warnings about their household appliances because many still do not register them, the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) has warned.

A survey revealed that just over a third of consumers currently register their appliances with the manufacturer, meaning thousands of people cannot be traced and notified in the event of an urgent safety repair being needed.

This is despite the fact that three-quarters of people said they would be likely to register if they considered that the manufacturer might need to warn them about newly-identified faults.

AMDEA is launching a new web portal to provide easy access to registration services for 47 leading manufacturers of domestic appliances.

Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson said: "It is so important that we make sure that we register new appliances and don’t risk missing out on key information that could save lives."

Expert Opinion
The findings published by the AMDEA are extremely concerning as a failure to register domestic appliances could mean consumers are missing out on crucial safety information and details of recalls, which could put their safety at risk.

“We have seen the impact faulty products can have on users, with a number of serious injuries caused when appliances malfunction in the home. The creation of the new web portal to make the registration process easier is a welcome step forward and will hopefully contribute to a reduction in consumer injuries caused by faulty products.”

“While this report illustrates the importance of registering appliances, it must also be said that manufacturers need to ensure any product released onto the market is suitable for use and thorough safety checks have been carried out to reduce the likelihood of a malfunction or fault.”
Tim Annett, Partner

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