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Wholesaler Recalls Juice Brand Due To Presence Of Mould

Hancock Cash & Carry Detected Mould In Several Vidal Space Juice Batches


Wholesaler Hancock Cash & Carry has recalled several batches of Vidal Space Juice this week, following the detection of mould. 

Details of the affected product are as follows:
Product: Vidal Space Juice
Batch: L4191, L4192, L4193, L4194, L4195, L4196
Pack size: 110ml
The mould resulted in spoilage of the product, making it unfit for human consumption and prompting the recall notice.
While mould does not necessarily cause food poisoning, the FSA advises against consuming visibly mouldy foods due to the potential presence of mycotoxins, the toxic chemicals caused by certain fungi that grow on food.
The recall notices, placed in relevant stores where the product was initially stocked, alerts customers to the recall and advises on what action they should take if they have purchased the product.
Customers have been warned not to drink the product even if it appears to be safe, and instead they are advised to return it to the store it was purchased from for a refund.
No other Vidal products are known to be affected.

Expert Opinion
The swift action taken by the wholesaler Hancock Cash and Carry is welcome, but it is vital that a thorough investigation is conducted to understand how mould developed within these products, which had entered the consumer market, potentially putting the health and safety of consumers at risk.

“While there have been no reports of illness as a result of consumption of the product, there is a potential for mould to cause food poisoning. We have seen first-hand the consequences which contaminated food products can have on those unfortunate enough to eat them and it is imperative that standards are improved and the safety of consumers is not compromised by sub-standard or contaminated products.”
Amandeep Dhillon, Partner

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