Lawyers Instructed By Holidaymakers Regarding Hilton Sharks Bay Resort

Holidaymakers Reported Suffering From Gastric Illness


Travel law experts at Irwin Mitchell have been instructed by holidaymakers who stayed at the Hilton Sharks Bay Resort, Egypt, in May, June and July this year, with many complaining of suffering from gastric illness.

Six people reported symptoms of stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea. One couple stayed at the Sharm el Sheikh resort to celebrate a 65th birthday, but were unable to mark the occasion as they hoped, as one of them was too ill.

A further group of four friends also became ill during their holiday at the resort, with some of those who fell ill still feeling symptoms after returning home.

Expert travel lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have previously helped holidaymakers who stayed at the Hilton Sharks Bay Resort in 2009 and 2011 to take action regarding problems at the site, with three of the holidaymakers who spent time at the resort in 2011 receiving a four-figure sum.

Expert Opinion
We are very concerned to hear reports that a number of holidaymakers appear to have fallen ill at this resort, with many of them reportedly requiring treatment from the on-site pharmacy.

“Specific concerns raised include those related to the quality of the food served at the hotel by residents, with some meals reported to be served to residents undercooked and dirty utensils also being used to serve the food. Some meals were also reported to be served at an incorrect temperature and holidaymakers have claimed that a number of other guests were experiencing similar symptoms during their stay.

"We have now launched our own investigations into the problems experienced at the resort and would be keen to hear from any other visitors who were affected by these issues during their stay."
Simon Prew, Senior Associate


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