Two Phone Death Driver Jailed

A Driver Who Was Using Two Phones While She Drove Has Been Jailed


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A woman who killed a man after using two phones to send texts and make calls while behind the wheel has been jailed.

Marina Usaceva, 31, of Peterborough, hit Sukhdeep Singh Johal, 27, of Leicester, on the A47 in Cambridgeshire on March 15th 2013.

Ms Usaceva's Jaguar car ploughed into the back of Mr Johal's Peugeot, leaving the man with fatal injuries.

Peterborough Crown Court heard the woman denied she had used a mobile phone while driving, but when her phone records were checked, it emerged she had sent and received text messages on two different devices in the 20 minutes before the crash, which happened at 16:30.

Ms Usaceva had been caught using her mobile phone while driving twice before the accident - once in 2009 and once in 2012, reports the BBC.

While sentencing the woman, Judge Sean Enright said: "If you were not sending texts at the time, then you were fiddling with your phone and that is what caused this collision.

"In my opinion there is not a scrap of remorse. Mobile phone use while driving is a plague on our society."

In a previous hearing, Ms Usaceva also admitted causing death by dangerous driving. She has now been sentenced to six years in prison and is banned from operating a motor vehicle for eight years.

Earlier this year it was announced that the penalty motorists are given for using mobile phones while driving could be doubled from three to six points.

It has been illegal to use mobile phones while driving since 2003, but many drivers ignore the law - using their smartphones while in their car in built-up areas.

Recent research published by the RAC showed that around one in five motorists did not know it was illegal to check social media websites on their smartphones while behind the wheel.

At the time, a Department of Transport spokesperson said: "Using a mobile phone while driving is extremely dangerous, which is why we are considering a number of options to deter drivers."

Expert Opinion
This horrific case is yet another example of the dangers posed to road users when mobile phones are used behind the wheel. Just a moment’s distraction while driving is enough to cause an accident, which can have a devastating impact on all those involved.

“It is vital drivers remain vigilant while behind the wheel to improve road safety to reduce the amount of accidents related to the use of a mobile phone. All too often we see cases of serious injuries and fatalities on the road caused by the use of mobile phones while driving.

“The statistics show that using phones, even with hands-free kits, is extremely distracting and a lack of concentration for a split second could mean the difference between life or death.”
Jonathan Peacock, Partner

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