One Million Motorists Admit To Driving Under Influence Of Drugs

One Million UK Motorists Have Admitted To Drug Driving


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Shocking new figures show one million UK motorists - three per cent of all those legally allowed to drive - have got behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs during the past year.

Research from road safety charity Brake and insurance provider Direct Line also found 11 per cent of passengers believe they have been driven by someone on drugs, with 29 per cent admitting they would not necessarily intervene to stop them from operating a vehicle.

The results of the survey reveal five per cent of individuals would not speak out about this even if the driver was notably out of control, with nine per cent of young motorists admitting to this, along with seven per cent of male respondents.

Overall, young males were the most likely group to be in a car with a driver under the influence of drugs, with 15 per cent of men experiencing this in the past year, while 18 per cent of young respondents also reported the worrying scenario.

This raises serious concerns regarding the safety of other motorists, as well as cyclists and pedestrians.

In light of this, Lillian's Law is set to be introduced in March next year, which will see the penalties given to drug drivers increased significantly, with all those found guilty to face a 12-month disqualification from the roads, along with a £5,000 fine and the potential for a jail sentence of up to six months.

This new legislation is to be brought in following the drug driving-related tragedy experienced by the Groves family from Croydon, after 14-year-old Lillian Groves was killed by a motorist travelling over the speed limit in 2010.

It was found that the driver had been high on cannabis at the time, which has led to her family campaigning for tougher penalties to be attributed to this type of offence.

Deputy chief executive of Brake Julie Townsend commented: "Drug driving is a menace that causes absolute devastation to families and communities and ends too many lives too soon.

"We all need to stand up and fight to end it, as the Groves have done so bravely following the terrible death of Lillian.

"Our message to everyone is never to underestimate the effects of illegal drugs on driving."

Expert Opinion
The number of people driving under the influence of drugs as highlighted by Brake is extremely worrying. People need to responsible when they get behind the wheel as driving under the influence of drugs does not only put drivers at risk, it can also impact passengers, other road users and pedestrians too.

“Having seen the awful consequences that drug-driving has had on so many lives, we can only encourage road users to do their absolute utmost to keep themselves and others safe from harm, which means steering clear of getting behind the wheel when under the influence and being aware of both theirs and other road users’ safety at all times."
Jonathan Peacock, Partner

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