Charlotte Turton – Apprentice Business Administrator

They offered great opportunities to develop my career and gain a more senior position in the firm.

Charlotte Turton, Apprentice Business Administrator

Why did you choose an apprenticeship over university?

I thought an apprenticeship would be a more practical way to access the profession I wanted to go into. I think I’m more suited to working and learning at the same time.

I knew I’d thrive more in a working environment rather than a traditional university route. Studying and working at the same time has taught me to prioritise my workload better. This helps me manage my time so I can meet my deadlines and consistently produce high quality work.

Why did you choose Irwin Mitchell?

I chose Irwin Mitchell for many reasons. Firstly, they offered the opportunity to progress to a permanent role after my apprenticeship. They also offered great opportunities to develop my career and gain a more senior position in the firm.

Irwin Mitchell is also one of the largest national law firms in the UK so it was an amazing opportunity to start my career with such a well-known firm.

Why did you choose your particular apprenticeship?

I chose the business administrator apprenticeship because I really enjoyed studying business at A-level, especially the legal side to business studies. My business A-level also proved to be pretty useful in my studies for my apprenticeship.

I’ve always wanted to work at a law firm and become a solicitor, but I chose another route to reach my end goal. Irwin Mitchell can support me in becoming a solicitor, and they’ve already helped me start my journey towards that dream.

What do you like about the apprenticeship?

I like the access to different types of work as well as being able to learn on the job and be part of an amazing team. I haven’t come across one person at Irwin Mitchell who isn’t friendly or helpful and supportive.

I also love the support we’re given from our superiors and those who run our apprenticeship. They always check in with us to make sure we’re getting everything we need from our apprenticeship. They always offer support with our work as well as our overall wellbeing.

What do you get up to in your role day to day?

My current role is a personal assistant in the Real Estate team. Each day is different and varies depending on the priority and deadlines of my tasks. Some days I complete tasks such as invoicing, writing letters, billings and online business cards. On others, I take training courses to progress my career further.

What training and support are you given?

Right now, our training provider, Damar, provides us with training for the business administrator role. They offer regular coaching sessions, group seminars and weekly tasks to complete for our 15-month training. We also get regular training updates for Irwin Mitchell to keep up to date with legislation like GDPR etc.

We’re offered support with everything we do. If we’re ever unsure or if our workloads become too much, the team help us make a plan and work through it together. They really offer the best experience for us on our apprenticeship.

Why would you encourage others to consider an apprenticeship at Irwin Mitchell?

I’d encourage anyone to work at Irwin Mitchell. They offer so much support and opportunities to grow your career. Personally, I can’t wait to take advantage of all the opportunities here as I continue my career with the firm.

They employ an amazing team of people. Everyone is so supportive and welcoming from the beginning to make us feel truly apart of the Irwin Mitchell family. Irwin Mitchell is an excellent employer and I’d recommend the apprenticeship scheme to anyone.

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