Thomas Wood – Accounting Apprentice

This blend of learning while getting first-hand experience has allowed me to develop my knowledge and integrate it into my work seamlessly.

Thomas Wood, Accounting Apprentice

Why did you choose Irwin Mitchell?

The main reason I chose to apply to Irwin Mitchell was because of how impressed I was with the firm’s attitude towards corporate social responsibility.

Irwin Mitchell offers the chance to take time off to volunteer, so I could tell they really care about the wider community and that they ethically align with me. The awards that Irwin Mitchell has won for being a great place to work reinforced my decision to apply.

Why did you choose your particular apprenticeship?

I previously worked in a graduate role in the finance sector and I realised that I wanted to have a career in finance. When I saw my apprenticeship role advertised, I knew that it was the right step for me. Having the chance to work in different roles in the Operational Finance department struck me as an excellent opportunity to see how different parts of the finance department function. I saw this as something which would be extremely beneficial to me as I progressed.

What do you like about the apprenticeship?

In my apprenticeship, I’ve really enjoyed how my Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualification has given me a greater idea of how my work fits into the larger financial processes. This blend of learning while getting first-hand experience has allowed me to develop my knowledge and integrate it into my work seamlessly.

What do you get up to in your role day to day?

I’m on the Purchase Ledger team and I deal with queries that come into our inbox. On a typical day I’ll be conversing with clerks from counsel chambers, dealing with billing team enquiries and setting up new payees on our billing system. Beyond that, I’m responsible for uploading counsel fees and authorising fees for payment. I deal with a variety of tasks which is something that I really enjoy about my role.

What training and support are you given?

I’m very well supported by my team in Purchase Ledger. When I’m not sure how to deal with a query, my colleagues are always available to give me a helping hand and go through any processes that I’m not familiar with.

I also get a huge amount of learning support for my course. Not only do I have a great support network within IM, but my training provider, Damar Learning, has been excellent in every step of my journey so far.

Why would you encourage others to consider an apprenticeship at Irwin Mitchell?

Personally I think Irwin Mitchell is the best place to take on an apprenticeship. Their complete faith, excellent level of support and clear communication has exceeded anything I’d encountered in my working life. I appreciate that apprenticeships can be challenging, but having such approachable members of staff means that I always have someone I could turn to when was having issues. That’s something I’ve found very comforting while navigating many new processes and concepts.

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