Ethan McRae – Accounting Apprentice

My career options are open and, no matter what career choice I make, I feel like I’ll be supported by Irwin Mitchell to pursue my goals.

Ethan McRae, Accounting Apprentice

Why did you choose an apprenticeship over university?

An apprenticeship allows me to show that I’m an effective, efficient and high-quality employee, not just a student.

Learning through an apprenticeship has taught me to handle the pressure and pace of a real working environment. I’m also relied on every day to carry out my responsibilities which is something I wouldn’t get through university learning.

An apprenticeship combines the benefits of both the academic approach and the vocational.  Not only do you get the theoretical knowledge about how the financial industry works, but you also learn how to use that knowledge in a practical setting.

Doing an apprenticeship allows me to use the things I’m learning much sooner than if I’d taken the academic route.

Why did you choose Irwin Mitchell?

The application process was more intensive than every other I applied for. It was clear they cared about my personal goals and wanted to make sure I was a good fit.

When I went for my interview it was the most welcoming interview I’d ever done. I instantly felt comfortable and the interviewers were really easy to talk to.

I looked at many apprenticeships, all with varying roles and finance qualifications, but Irwin Mitchell instantly stood out to me. They offered a higher level of qualification than almost all of the other options.

I also asked around about Irwin Mitchell’s reputation. I was happy to hear that everybody I spoke to had nothing but positive things to say about the working environment.

Why did you choose your particular apprenticeship?

Mainly for 3 things:

The opportunities of progression once I’ve finished the apprenticeship - there are so many different avenues I could take once I’ve finished my apprenticeship. My career options are open and, no matter what career choice I make, I feel like I’ll be supported by Irwin Mitchell to pursue my goals.

The qualification – Irwin Mitchell’s was one of the highest levels of qualification offered. It presented the best timeline for me to get qualified, which fit my goal to progress as quickly as possible.

Skills required for the job – Irwin Mitchell’s list of desirable skills fitted my experience in the areas I was interested in. These were namely my mathematical ability, ability to use and understand Excel spreadsheets and attention to detail. The advertised skills I would develop within the field of finance and accountancy were also very desirable.

What do you like about the apprenticeship?

From the moment I started, the team were welcoming, friendly and accommodating. They took the time to make sure I knew what I was doing and they were not shy about giving me praise for my work and my progress.

They introduced me to my different responsibilities in stages, which allowed me time to get a grasp of what I was doing. The role only gave me as much responsibility as I could handle, which helps me maximise my efficiency, productivity and time management.

I also enjoy the educational portion of the apprenticeship. The coaches offer so many useful resources to prepare me for exams, such as revision sessions and regular check-ups. Whatever support I need, I can just ask.

What do you get up to in your role day to day?

My main role is processing BACS and CHAPS requests, checking the details and the funds and seeing if they can be accepted. I also post the office receipts, so I check the invoices and post the relevant receipts.

Why would you encourage others to consider an apprenticeship at Irwin Mitchell?

I would strongly recommend anyone go for an apprenticeship at Irwin Mitchell. You’ll find that everyone who works for them are lovely and respectful and they are truly concerned with your career, opportunities and your wellbeing.

There are so many opportunities for you to explore your field of interest within your apprenticeship, so you can take full control of your career.

The Irwin Mitchell name carries weight so having that on your CV serves as a massive advantage.

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