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What Our Clients Think

Find out what just a few of our satisfied clients have said about our service and our team.

When They're Battling With Anybody, They'll Give It Their All

We represented Keith in a Will dispute, securing him a fairer share of his father's estate.

They Were Very Helpful

"I was worried that I would have to go to court and that making a claim would cost me a lot of money. Irwin Mitchell explained everything to me and put my mind at rest. They were very helpful and I am grateful for all the work they put into my case. Making the claim brought me closure and I can now move on with my life."


I Have Recommended Irwin Mitchell To Everyone

"Becky was always willing to discuss the legalities, either online or on the telephone, and if she didn’t have the answers she would find out. Level headed and objective, she was quick to reassure me when my spirits fell and/or problems arose. She kept me updated at all times and was very helpful in trying to keep the costs down.

"When we actually met in court she was extremely supportive, emotionally and legally, and both she and my barrister helped me to reach, what I believe, was a fair settlement.

"Whenever the subject of law firms has arisen in conversation I have recommended Irwin Mitchell to everyone, based in no small measure on my experience with Becky. She is a credit to the firm."


I'm So Glad I Had The Assistance Of Irwin Mitchell

"I’m very happy with this outcome. With everything that had happened, I had enough to think about as it was. But on top of all that, I then had the worries of dealing with a mortgage originally taken out with my partner, all on my own. I’m so glad I had the assistance of Irwin Mitchell to help me and guide me through the whole process. They were friendly and professional, doing all they could to ensure I was happy and aware of everything that was originally going on."


A Strong And Dedicated Team

"I am so very grateful for everything Irwin Mitchell has done to help me, I had such a strong and dedicated team to advise me often going the extra mile and supporting me whenever I needed it."


Thanks To The Team At Irwin Mitchell

"I was worried I would have no financial security in my retirement after my wife passed. After hoping for a relaxing retirement, I was then faced with the stresses of losing my wife and worrying about finances. Thanks to the team at Irwin Mitchell I now know I have some security and can move on to my retirement."


Swift, Efficient And Professional

"Thanks to Irwin Mitchell I am now reassured that I have financial security following the passing of my late husband. It was hard to deal with on top of everything but Irwin Mitchell were swift, efficient and professional in the case and I can now move on."


Thorough, Exacting and Efficient

"They dealt with our Will dispute in a very thorough, exacting and efficient manner. They researched the facts surrounding the case, sought appropriate legal expertise from experienced Counsel and then set out our case in a clear, comprehensive and decisive fashion. The presentation was successful in that the agreed settlement involved meeting our claim in full.

"They dealt sympathetically and knowledgeably with us as clients, kept us informed of developments over a protracted period and gave us expert advice on how to judge our claim.