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Nightclub Assault Claims

If you’ve been injured in a nightclub assault by a customer or member of staff you could claim compensation.

Talk to one of our experts about your assault in a free initial consultation. We’ll work out if you have a claim, how much compensation you could be entitled to and what medical services we can help you access if you need them.

How To Claim For A Nightclub Assault

How you could claim depends on if you were injured by another customer or a member of staff.

If you were attacked by a customer you’ll usually need to make a claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), a government scheme for innocent victims of criminal injury. If you’ve been attacked by a member of staff, then it’s usually best to make a claim against the nightclub’s owner.

Once we know what happened to you, we’ll advise you on the best way to make your claim.

Claiming For A Nightclub Assault Through CICA

If you’ve been assaulted by another customer, you could claim compensation through the CICA, which makes payments based on how serious your injuries are.

To claim through the CICA, you need to make sure you’ve reported your assault to the police. You’ll also need to prove that you did nothing to provoke the assault.

We’ll work to help you show that your injuries were caused by assault and that they’re serious enough to receive compensation. Proving this can be difficult and our specialist personal injury lawyers can help you find witnesses and medical evidence to support your case.

If you’ve already started a CICA claim, our solicitors specialising in assault claims can help you make it stronger. We could also help you appeal a decision if you’ve been unfairly compensated or your claim has been rejected.

Claiming Against The Nightclub Owner

The owner of the nightclub is responsible for the behaviour and performance of their staff. You could make a claim against them if you’ve been assaulted by door staff or another employee.

You may also be able to make a claim against the nightclub if you can establish that the door supervisors fail to take action when they should have done.

We’ll gather evidence of your assault, work out how much compensation you’re entitled to and attempt to reach a settlement for you. In most cases, we’re able to negotiate a settlement out of court.

If negotiations break down, your claim may need to go to court. If this happens, we’ll make sure you’re looked after every step of the way and we’ll make the strongest case possible on your behalf.

Can I Claim If I Don’t Know Who Attacked Me?

You could claim compensation through the CICA even if you don’t know who attacked you.

How Long Do I Have To Claim For A Nightclub Attack?

You’ll need to start your claim through the CICA generally within two years of your assault taking place, although the sooner you start your claim, the easier it’ll be to find evidence. If there are good reasons why you haven’t claimed within two years then you may still be able to claim after this time.

If you’re making a claim against the nightclub owner, then you generally need to claim within three years of your attack. If you’re claiming on behalf of a loved one who doesn’t have the mental capacity to claim for themselves there’s no time limit.

Get in touch with us on 0800 056 4110 to find out more about time limits and see if you could claim, or contact us online and we’ll get back to you.

Can I Make A No Win No Fee Claim For A Nightclub Assault?

We’ll usually make your nightclub assault claim on a no win no fee basis. This means you won’t pay anything if your claim is unsuccessful*. Whether you’re claiming through the CICA or against the nightclub owner, you could use a no win no fee agreement.

  • If you’re making a no win no fee claim then most of your legal fees will be paid for by your opponent if you’re successful, with the rest of the reasonable costs coming out of your compensation settlement.
  • If you’re making a no win no fee CICA claim then you’ll pay us a percentage of your compensation that we’ll agree on together before we proceed.

How Much Compensation Could I Get For A Nightclub Attack?

If you’re claiming against the nightclub owner or making a claim to the CICA, as well as compensation for your injuries you could claim for:

  • Loss of income through missed work or unemployment
  • Medical treatment and travel expenses
  • Cost of home or vehicle adaptations
  • Property damage, for example to your clothes or phone.

Whether you’re making a CICA or civil claim, our solicitors specialising in assault claims will work to gather evidence of the injuries you’re suffering from and what your treatment needs are to make sure you’re fairly compensated.

How Long Will My Nightclub Assault Claim Take?

CICA claims could be resolved within a year but in more complex cases it’s often longer.

How long your claim against the nightclub owner takes depends on:

  • How serious your injuries are. If you have serious injuries, we’ll need to know your long term treatment and care needs to work out how much compensation you’ll be entitled to
  • If they accept fault for your injuries. If they do, the case will be quicker, if they don’t and the case goes to court it’ll take longer.

If the owner agrees to pay compensation then we could secure some of your settlement as early (or ‘interim’) payments to help you pay for living, travel and medical expenses before you receive your full settlement.

Why Choose Us For Your Claim

As part of the largest personal injury law firm in the country, our criminal assault lawyers have the experience to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Whether you’re making a civil claim or claiming through the CICA, they’ll make the best possible case on your behalf.

Claiming through the CICA without legal assistance can be a complicated process but having a lawyer who really knows how it works can make all the difference. Our team are supported by specialist investigators and medical professionals who can provide strong evidence to support your case. We’ll make sure your claim is valued fairly, whether you’re making a civil or the CICA claim.

We have years of experience working with victims of assault and our solicitors will be there for you throughout your claim. As well as compensation, we can help you access award winning rehabilitation services if needed.

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Nightclub Assault Claims - More Information
    • Can You Help Me Access Rehabilitation And Medical Treatment Services?
    • If your assault has led to a serious injury, such as a spinal or head injury, you may meet with one of our specialist client liaison managers. Our client liaison managers are clinicians or therapists. They are committed and experienced in achieving the best rehabilitation outcomes for our clients.

      They can work with your treatment team to produce a full recovery or injury management plan.

      They could also help you access life changing rehabilitation, physiotherapy, mental health and home care services from award winning charities and medical professionals. If you’re living with traumatic long term or lifetime injuries they can connect you with specialist home and vehicle adaptation services to make your life easier.

    • How Can I Pay For My Nightclub Assault Claim Without No Win No Fee?
    • If we can’t take your case on using a no win no fee agreement, you may be able to use legal expenses insurance. It’s often included in insurance policies you may already have, like home insurance.

      In most cases you’ll be able to claim using a no win no fee agreement but we’ll talk about the best way for you to pay for your claim in your free initial meeting.

    • Can I Make A Civil Claim And A CICA Claim?
    • You could make both a civil claim and a Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA) claim for the same injury. You might want to do both to increase your chances of getting compensation. However, if you receive compensation from your civil claim then you’ll have to give back any money you’ve received from the CICA to avoid being compensated twice.

      You can call our experts on 0800 056 4110 to talk about your claim and you can also read our guide on claiming through the CICA.

They kept us well informed and made us feel part of the process. They made me feel like they knew what they were doing. I had complete confidence in them.”

Brian, London

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Claim Compensation For A Nightclub Assault?

If you’ve been injured by another customer in a nightclub attack or you were injured by member of staff, then you could claim compensation. You could also claim compensation if you’re a member of staff who’s been attacked by a customer.

If you’ve been injured by a member of staff or member of the public, you could make a compensation claim against the owner of the club or a compensation claim through the government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Security at nightclubs is often subcontracted, so in these circumstances it may be possible to claim against the security company.

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What Is The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority?

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government scheme to compensate people for physical or mental injuries caused by another person. It’s often used to pay compensation to innocent victims of violent crimes.

It may be better than claiming against your attacker because:

  • Your attacker may not have the money to pay compensation
  • You may not know who attacked you.

CICA awards compensation using set payments for injuries to different parts of the body that vary depending on how severe each injury is. Anyone who has been a victim of criminal injury can apply for compensation through the CICA as long as they have reported their assault to the police.

Claiming through the CICA can be a long and complicated process and it’s helpful to have personal injury lawyers make your case. We know how the CICA works and we’ll use our expertise to make sure you’ll be fairly compensated.

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How Do I Claim Through CICA?

You can apply to make a claim through the CICA on the government’s website. You’ll need the police incident reference number and, ideally, you should have medical evidence from a doctor that shows what injuries you’ve suffered.

We can help you begin a CICA claim or help you if you’ve already started your claim and it is in your interests to involve a specialist solicitor. If you think you’ve been unfairly compensated or your application for compensation has been rejected we can help you appeal the CICA’s decision if you act quickly.

A tribunal will look at the evidence you present and, based on the severity of your injuries, determine how much compensation to award you. Making sure you have the right evidence is really important and our personal injury solicitors can find this for you.

You may be able to make your claim using a no win no fee agreement, so you won’t have to pay anything if your CICA claim is unsuccessful.

Call us on 0800 056 4110 or get in touch online and we’ll call you back.

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