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There are many times in our lives when we need to take professional advice. Whether your concern is financial, legal, or technical, a professional advisor can certainly help point you in the right direction and give you the guidance you need.

Unfortunately there are a number of cases where poor or careless advice leads to serious consequences, from lost money to lost time to missed opportunities. In legal terms, this poor advice is known as professional negligence and if you have fallen victim to it you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Your Rights If You Have Received Poor Advice From A Professional

When you contact a professional advisor, you expect them to approach your case with care and skill. Of course, no professional can be expected to offer perfect advice 100% of the time, but if you feel you have been offered exceptionally bad professional advice you can make your case on one of two grounds.

If you can prove that another experienced professional in the same field would have offered different advice If you can prove that the advisor in question failed to adhere to the common standards of practice in their field Often, professional negligence claims happen after professionals give advice on matters beyond their expertise or pass the work on to a colleague who does not have the necessary knowledge. We have years of experience in helping clients identify when this is the case.

Our Professional Negligence Legal Team

Based across seven regional offices, we are proud to have the largest team of professional negligence experts in the UK working for people who have been given bad advice by a professional. Over the past few years we have helped clients make cases of professional negligence after receiving bad advice from:

  • Accountants (failure to detect a fraud)
  • Architects (failure to spot a design flaw in plans for a new school roof)
  • Barristers (failure to cross examine a key witness)
  • Engineers (flawed designs)
  • Financial advisors (recommending a certain type of investment)
  • Insurance brokers (failure to inform of all the risks to be insured)
  • Solicitors (missed time limits in personal injury cases)
  • Surveyors (failure to note a defect to a property)
  • Tax consultants (failure to advise on consequences of late filing of tax returns)

If your enquiry is about a failed personal injury claim and you believe that claim failed because of the actions of your solicitor, visit our page on personal injury professional negligence.

How We Can Help You With Your Professional Negligence Claim

We can help you assess both the circumstances of your case and the consequences of your actions following any poor or incorrect advice. We aim to make sure what is happening with your case and we’ll keep you up-to-date in clear and simple terms. We will talk you through all your options for funding your case.

We’re one of the few law firms that can find this kind of work through No Win No Fee agreements, Legal Expense Insurance, private funding and even public funding (also known as legal aid) in certain cases. If you’re concerned about the expense of making claim, talk to us as we may be able to work for you at no cost.

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