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Fay Marshall



I joined Irwin Mitchell in 2013 and work as a solicitor in our Asbestos Related Disease team in Leeds.

I specialise in securing compensation for clients who have been exposed to asbestos and consequently suffered from illnesses including mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. 

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  • 26/09/2018
    Former Roofer Appeals For Help In Gaining Answers Regarding Asbestos Illness

    “This is sadly yet another case in which the consequences of asbestos exposure have only become apparent many years after contact with the material is thought to have taken place. “Asbestosis is a chronic condition and we are working hard to ensure that our client is able to get the answers he deserves regarding his illness. We would be hugely grateful to anyone who may have information regarding the presence of asbestos at Thomas Nelson & Son, as these details could make a huge difference to our efforts.”

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  • 27/07/2018
    Retired Vicar Thanks Local Community After They Answered His Appeal And Helped Win His Legal Case

    “Christopher’s experiences highlight how asbestos exposure which took place many years ago can go on to affect individuals in later life. “Due to the in depth information we were provided with, we were able to counter any argument that the defendants put forward. Sadly some people are not as fortunate as Christopher and do not get answers about who was responsible for their illness. “Without a doubt, those who came forward helped in our investigations and we were able to get those answers for Christopher.”

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  • 25/06/2018
    Retired Vicar Calls On Former Workmates For Help Following Asbestos-Related Disease Diagnosis

    “Christopher’s experiences highlight how asbestos exposure which seemingly took place many years ago can go on to affect individuals in later life. “While Christopher joined the Church of England in 1980 and became a vicar we are keen to gain a better understanding of the working conditions he faced in the jobs he held prior to that time and specifically how prevalent asbestos was in those roles. “Such information could prove absolutely vital to us as we continue to work to help him get justice in relation to the illness he has developed.”

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  • 29/05/2018
    Son Appeals For Help Following Dad’s Asbestos Death

    “Asbestos has had a terrible impact on so many lives across the decades and this is yet another example of how the consequences of exposure often only become clear many years after contact has occurred. “Thousands of people still die each year in the UK as a direct result of being made to work in unsafe conditions. Health and safety has come a long way in recent years but the figures show there is still much to do. “Sometimes they are the victims of tragic but avoidable accidents, or, as with many of our clients, they were exposed to asbestos by their employers many years ago and have, in most cases, suffered terribly as a result. “We have been working hard to create a full picture of Harry’s work history and would be keen on hearing more regarding the conditions he would have faced during his working life. “Following his death Harry’s family have been left without answers and there can be no sense of justice without those answers. We hope to speak to witnesses who worked with Harry and who have information on the conditions he worked in.”

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