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We have a number of videos featuring our Partners and other experts. Any journalists that would like to use our video content should contact the Press Office on 0114 274 4666.

The Role Of The Client Liaison Manager In Personal Injury Cases

Maria Walker

Maria Walker explains how our team of Client Liaison Managers help our serious injury and mesothelioma clients with their practical day-to-day needs and rehabilitation.

Our Client Liaison Managers play a key part in our commitment to help our clients with more than just financial compensation.

The Role Of A Neuro Rehabilitation Consultant In A Serious Injury Case

Professor Mike Barnes

Professor Mike Barnes, Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation, explains how he and his team would work with someone with a brain injury through their rehabilitation programme. Irwin Mitchell would like to thank Mike for his support in producing this film.

The Role Of An Occupational Therapist In A Serious Injury Case

Yash Bedekar

Yash Bedekar, an occupational therapist, explains how she would assist someone who has suffered multiple serious injuries, including a brain injury.

Irwin Mitchell would like to thank Yash and the College of Occupational Therapy for their support in producing this film.

Medical Negligence

Lisa Jordan

Lisa Jordan, an expert in medical negligence cases, talks about how we help clients who have suffered injury or illness because of a medical mistake.

Clinical Negligence - Birth Trauma

Alison Eddy

Alison Eddy, a solicitor with years of experience in birth injury cases, explains how we work with families to achieve a compensation settlement that takes all long-term care needs into account.

Serious Injury

Jane Horton

Jane Horton is an expert in serious injury cases. Here she talks about what’s involved in a serious injury claim and how we can help you and your family to access the care and support you need.


Adrian Budgen

Adrian Budgen from our asbestos-related disease team talks about how we help our clients to access interim compensation payments and support.

Overseas Serious Injury Accidents

Clive Garner

Clive Garner, an expert in international personal injury claims, explains how we use our experience to help clients who have been seriously injured in an accident abroad.