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Ascot Woman Forced To Fly Mother To Ibiza After Family Break Becomes ‘Illness Nightmare’

Lawyers Instructed Regarding Problems At Sensatori Ibiza Resort


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A woman left unable to look after her one-year-old twins after developing serious gastric illness on holiday has instructed specialist lawyers to investigate the ‘nightmare’.

Danielle Rogerson, 29, has revealed how she and her sons Teddy and Ronnie all struggled with symptoms including diarrhoea, vomiting and stomach cramps during their all-inclusive ten-day stay at the five-star Sensatori Resort Ibiza at the end of September.

Their symptoms were so bad that Danielle’s mum, Joanne Brown, 47, was forced to fly out to the Spanish island to care for Teddy and Ronnie, the family said.

Following the ordeal, the family from Ascot, instructed Irwin Mitchell’s specialist International Personal Injury team to investigate their experiences and establish answers as to what caused their illness.

The legal team has vast experience in providing advice and support to holidaymakers affected by illness at resorts and on cruise ships all over the world.

Expert Opinion
“This is a truly shocking case which undoubtedly highlights the huge impact that gastric illness problems can have.

“The illness issues that Danielle and her twins faced had a major impact on what was meant to be special time abroad and even meant they had to call on family for help.

“Danielle understandably remains devastated by the issues they have faced and we are determined to help them gain answers regarding what caused the illness. We hope that taking such a step will ensure that – where possible – lessons can be learned from their case.”
Amandeep Samra, Associate Solicitor

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The family’s stay at the Sensatori Resort Ibiza – which was booked through TUI – began on 29 September. They were coming to the end of their holiday when Danielle developed illness symptoms on 6 October.

She recalled: “The symptoms were absolutely horrendous and I was in a really bad way, to the point where I even had to call out a doctor in the early hours of 7 October.

“However, nothing had prepared me for seeing both Ronnie and Teddy fall ill too. I had a very difficult pregnancy with the twins and they were born three months premature, so seeing them unwell just brought all of those memories flooding back. It was horrific.”

Danielle told her legal team at Irwin Mitchell that she remembers seeing food left uncovered on some occasions. She also remembers noticing that new food was added to already existing trays of food rather than the trays being completely replaced. She further commented that birds were seen in and around the eating areas.

Worryingly, Danielle told her legal team that on occasions she also witnessed chefs handling raw and cooked meats.

Danielle said: “Mum was a huge help and really helped us focus on just trying to get better. Having that extra pair of hands undoubtedly made a huge difference.

“The whole holiday was a total nightmare and in the months since I’ve seen my anxiety increase and even suffered panic attacks. You never expect anything like this to happen when you’re on holiday and it has had a massive impact on our lives.

“We are frustrated and angry that this could have happened and now just want answers regarding what went wrong. No one else should have to face what we have.”

Following their return to the UK the family visited their GP as they were concerned about their ongoing symptoms.