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Next Steps For Inquest Into Deaths of Victims Of In Amenas Terrorist Attack

Pre-Inquest Hearing Being Held At Crawley Council Chamber at 2pm


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The inquest into the deaths of seven men who were killed during a terrorist attack at a gas plant in Algeria in January 2013 moves another step closer tomorrow, as a second pre-inquest review takes place to determine the further evidence available across the world ahead of the full hearing later this year.

Specialist lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are representing the family of a senior BP Executive who died when a faction of Al-Qaeda stormed the gas plant on 16 January 2013 say that they hope the inquest will provide the family with answers as to exactly what happened.

More than 65 people were killed as gun battles took place between terrorists and the Algerian military over three days following the storming of the In Amenas gas plant in Algeria plant and the taking of around 800 hostages.

Irwin Mitchell is representing the family of Carlos Estrada, a Senior Vice President for BP which jointly operates the plant along with the Algerian state oil company ‘Sonatrach’, and Norway’s ‘Statoil’. Mr. Estrada, who had worked for BP for 18 years and had risen to the position of Vice President of Non–Operated Assets, was on his first business trip to the In Amenas gas plant, when he was taken hostage by the terrorists and killed during his time in captivity.

It is understood that legal proceedings arising out of the attack are also currently underway at the specialism counter-terrorism court in the Parquet de Paris, France, as well as in the USA, Algeria and Japan. Lawyers at Irwin Mitchell say that information available in these various legal proceedings should be made available for the Inquest proceedings in London to help determine exactly how these men tragically lost their lives.

Clive Garner, Head of International Personal Injury at Irwin Mitchell and representing Mr Estrada’s family said:

Expert Opinion
Many families from across the world were left devastated by the terrible events and the dreadful loss of 65 lives at the In Amenas gas plant in Algeria last year.

“This inquest is an opportunity to provide the vital answers that Mr. Estrada’s family, and the families of other victims, desperately need.

“It is now well over a year since Mr Estrada died and his family still do not know exactly what happened to him and how this tragedy occurred. It is hoped that that the Inquest will help our clients, and the families of all those who lost their loved ones, understand exactly what happened. We also hope that lessons can be learnt to reduce the risk of tragedies like this occurring in the future.”
Clive Garner, Partner

The full inquest in this matter will take place at the Royal Courts in Justice in London between 8th September and 31st October 2014.

Partners and staff at Irwin Mitchell have also acted for numerous victims of terrorism around the World including the Lockerbie disaster (Pan Am flight 103), the September 11th attacks at the World Trade Centre in New York,  the IRA bombing of the Arndale Centre in Manchester, and the 7/7 bombings in London. 

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