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Cyclist Wins Payout After Faulty Seat Nearly Costs His Life

Lawyers at Irwin Mitchell Secure Settlement After Broken Seat Causes Cyclist’s Fall At ‘Busy’ Junction


A cycling enthusiast from Portsmouth has received a four-figure settlement after a faulty seat clamp saw him fall from his bike into the middle of a busy road. 

Matthew Buck, 41, of London Road, Portsmouth was cycling home from a trip to the supermarket in April 2011 when the seat clamp on his bicycle snapped as he crossed the junction at Kipling Road in the Hampshire town at around 15mph.

The fault caused Matthew to lose balance and fall whilst still on his bike, trapping his left leg and exposing him to oncoming traffic in the middle of the road with one car missing his head by only two to three feet.  

Matthew instructed specialist cycling injury lawyers at Irwin Mitchell who have now secured a £1,500 settlement for Matthew, whose injuries took months to fully heal leaving him needing help to carry out everyday tasks. 

The accident caused neck injuries that took 11 weeks, and a month of physiotherapy to recover from as well as ‘severe’ cuts and bruises. Matthew also suffered from the psychological trauma, which led to five weeks of insomnia as he had flashbacks and memories of the crash and traffic. 

Following the incident Matthew returned to Cycle World Wessex Ltd, where shop assistants had fitted the clamp just months before the accident but after he explained what had happened he was only offered a replacement, which he never actually received. 

The clamp was produced by Fisher Outdoor Leisure Ltd and both they and the cycling show denied liability for his injuries but agreed an out-of-court settlement after court proceedings were issued by Irwin Mitchell.

Stephanie Whatmore a specialist personal injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell said: “Mr Buck experienced a variety of problems following the accident, which could have been much worse if a car had hit him whilst he was in the road. We are pleased that he has now received justice for an accident that could have been prevented. 

“The country is seeing an increase in the number of cyclists on the road but they can be very vulnerable road users. This case highlights the importance of ensuring that the parts of a bicycle are correctly fitted and maintained to prevent any similar accidents in future.”

Matthew, who was still affected by the crash up to 10 months later said: “I am very relieved that the case has come to a close. For two weeks following the accident I was unable to wash my clothes, go shopping, drive or socialise. I was in so much pain and felt angry that the accident had happened but lucky that it had not been worse. 

“I don’t want anyone else to have to experience what I did and I hope that those involved take the steps necessary to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

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