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Surgery fears for knee patients

Knee surgery compensation claims possible


Over 683 patients are being called back for hospital check-ups facing complications after undergoing knee operations which could lead to a rise in knee surgery compensation claims.

Twenty Welsh patients reported pain after knee replacement surgery carried out in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset.

Director of NHS Wales' delivery and support unit, Christine Miles, said it was a "precautionary measure".

The hip and knee operations were carried out at the NHS treatment centre in Weston, where the affected patients had been referred under the Welsh Assembly Government's second offer scheme, set up in 2004 to ease waiting list pressures.

After the operations several patients reported stiffness and discomfort to consultants a review was ordered.

Several patients have undergone corrective surgery for the problems, with others still waiting to have surgery.


Failed Knee Operation

Director of NHS Wales' delivery and support unit, which has managed the second offer scheme since October 2005, said: "I appreciate the concern that many patients may feel at receiving this information, but I would like to stress that this is a precautionary measure."

A review was ordered last June by Rhondda Cynon Taff Teaching Local Health Board after patients started complaining of stiffness and pain.


Knee Surgery compensation

A British Orthopaedic Association report also showed that complication rates for patients who had knee surgery in Weston was higher than expected.

David Salter, deputy chief medical officer for Wales, said: "Evidence shows that the alignment of the joint was slightly off in those patients who experienced complications.

"The angle in which it was inserted was not quite right."


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