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Printer With Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Receives Four-Figure Compensation

Our industrial disease solicitors have helped Nigel Burton, 56, claim compensation from a former employer after he developed hearing problems due to unsafe working conditions.

Nigel worked for Mitrelle Ltd, a packaging firm in Stoke-on-Trent, from 1989 to 2003. He began as a Print Assistant in the Printing Department before becoming a Team Leader in the Slitting Department.

He noticed that his hearing was gradually getting worse and asked our industrial disease team to investigate whether the conditions at his old job could be to blame.

He told us that it was so noisy that his colleagues had to shout at each other to be heard over the machinery. He also said that his employers didn’t provide him with ear protection until 2000 – 11 years after he started work at the firm.

A hearing expert confirmed that Nigel may need hearing aids ten years earlier than normal because of the high noise levels he had worked in.

“When I was told that my hearing problems most likely stemmed from my employment at Britannia Packaging, it made me frustrated,” said Nigel. “My hearing problems cause me issues everyday but they are particularly frustrating when I am with my family, for example when I am fishing with my son I find myself asking him regularly to repeat what he has just said.”

Our lawyers contacted Mitrelle Ltd and were able to agree a four-figure compensation settlement to help Nigel manage his hearing problems in the future.

“While it has been hard to come to terms with the hearing loss, this settlement has given me a more positive outlook for the future as I know these funds will ensure I can continue to get the care, support and hearing aids I need to get the best from life,” Nigel said.

Sarah Tagg is the industrial illness expert that represented Nigel during his case. “This case is an important reminder as to why workers should always be provided with proper training and safety advice when working in environments where they are likely to be exposed to high levels of noise,” she said.

“Our client has been left with hearing problems which will affect him for the rest of his life as a result of the failings of his employer and, while we are delighted to have helped him gain a settlement regarding the issue, it is vital that lessons are learned from this.

“Employers simply cannot underestimate the importance of providing their workers with everything they require to undertake their jobs in a safe and effective manner.”

If you've suffered hearing loss after working in a noisy environment without suitable protection, our industrial disease lawyers may be able to help you claim compensation. See our Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Claims page for more information.

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