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Woman receives six-figure settlement after serious hip problem misdiagnosed

Our medical misdiagnosis solicitors have helped a woman claim six-figure compensation after doctors’ misdiagnosis caused a six year delay in treatment.

Karen saw her GP after experiencing serious pain in her hip. She was then referred for an x-ray which showed degeneration in her right hip.

Although the x-ray clearly showed a problem with her hip, she was incorrectly referred to a spinal clinic and treated for osteoarthritis of the spine. Even as the pain in her hip worsened, to the point that she developed a limp, NHS doctors still failed to diagnose her condition correctly.

Eventually she sought help from a chiropractor who correctly diagnosed osteoarthritis in her hip with further x-rays supporting this diagnosis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition in joint cartilage that causes pain and decreased mobility.

Unfortunately Karen’s condition worsened to the point that she needed replacement surgery for both of her hips, with a revision surgery to follow in a few years’ time.

She’ll take as long as three months to recover from the revision surgery in the future and, unable to care for herself during this period, she’ll have to pay for domestic assistance.

Karen asked Irwin Mitchell to help her find out what went wrong. Our specialist medical experts reviewed her condition and found evidence of negligence by NHS doctors in diagnosis and treatment.

Our solicitors found that NHS staff failed to take into account the hip x-ray or our client’s medical history when attempting to treat her. Their misdiagnosis has led to six years delay in providing the right treatment and caused her condition to become much worse.

We made a compensation claim on her behalf and, after our solicitors began court proceedings, Barts Health NHS Trust agreed to a £100,000 settlement.

This settlement will help Karen pay for domestic care after her surgery and go some way to compensating her for the treatable hip pain she has had to endure for years.

If you’ve suffered because of a delayed or incorrect diagnosis, you may be able to make a medical misdiagnosis claim. Contact us for a free initial consultation to find out more.

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