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Former Printer With Noise Induced Hearing Loss Receives Four Figure Compensation Settlement

Our specialist Industrial Disease solicitors have secured compensation for a former printer from Lancaster after he developed noise-induced hearing loss at work.

Nicholas Edwards, 50, started work at Imperial Home Décor Group in 1990 and stayed there for 15 years. He started as a printer before moving on to roles as a paste mixer and a colour matcher.

Nicholas recalls that “the nature of the work meant it was always a noisy environment, whether it was the printing presses and mixing machines or even the forklift trucks being operated nearby, the counter balance trucks or even the extractor fans.”

However, Nicholas was only given ear protection during his last few years at the company, from 2005 onwards. “When I hadn’t been given any protection I just assumed it was not needed,” he explained, “which is why it was a shock when I was given ear protection at the end of my time there.”

Nicholas got in touch with our noise-induced hearing loss lawyers after he developed hearing problems and tinnitus in early 2013. He had difficulty hearing things over background noise and his family were struggling to get his attention.

We secured a four-figure settlement from Imperial Home Décor Group as compensation for the hearing damage that Nicholas sustained while he worked for the company. The sum has paid for hearing aids that help Nicholas every day.

“My hearing problems have been hugely frustrating and impact on all aspects of my life,” said Nicholas. “While my hearing aids do help to an extent, it remains difficult for me to hear or follow conversations in crowded places and talk to friends and family.

“While nothing can change what has happened, this settlement does allow me to look forward to the future a little more brightly. I just hope that employers take note of my case and ensure the issues I’ve faced are not repeated in the future.”

Sarah Tagg from our Industrial Disease claims team helped bring Nicholas’ case to justice. She said:

“This case is yet another which shows the huge consequences which can emerge when employers fail to adequately meet their responsibilities on safety.

“Noise induced hearing loss, tinnitus and similar related conditions can have a huge impact on sufferers, often leaving them frustrated and isolated as they are unable to have the conversations with loved ones that many of us take for granted.

“While we are delighted to have secured the settlement in this case, it must stand as a reminder that employers have a duty to ensure that workers have the protective equipment they need to carry out their jobs effectively and without facing any potential risks to their long or short-term health.”

If you have suffered noise induced hearing loss due to improper safety provisions at work, our Industrial Disease lawyers may be able to help you make a compensation claim. Contact us online or call free on 0370 1500 100 to find out more.

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