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Compensation For Former Welder With Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Our expert Workplace Illness team in Birmingham have secured a four figure settlement for a welder who lost his hearing after being exposed to excessive noise levels for more than 30 years whilst working in the manufacturing and production industry.

Our client, Mr H began factory work in 1962 when he left school. He worked in several different places over the next few years, before starting work for Titan Steel Wheels in 1970. While there, he held several positions involved in the manufacturing and production of wheels.

During his time with Titan Steel Wheels, Mr H worked in a number of different environments, including the press shop, machine shop and the welding workshop. In all these environments, he was exposed to excessive noise levels, with no protection provided by his employer.

After working for Titan Steel Wheels for over 30 years, Mr H left and continued to work elsewhere until 2007, though he was never exposed to excessive levels of noise in his other workplaces.

Mr H described to us the hearing protection he received while working for Titan Steel Wheels. When he first started working there, he was provided with cotton wool and plastic wrapping as ear protection, but this was mostly ineffective. Mr H stated that even when it did work, the noise from the workshop was still deafening, and his ears would be ringing at the end of a shift.

Mr H first noticed problems with his hearing in 2012 - He had difficulty listening to someone if he wasn't looking directly at them or if there was a lot of background noise.

After listening to a radio advert which mentioned that hearing problems could be caused by exposure to excessive levels of noise, Mr H contacted our team.

It was around this time that he first underwent a hearing test and was informed that his hearing was indeed showing signs of being damaged by excessive noise levels.

The Workplace Illness team in Birmingham, working with an ENT consultant and an acoustic engineer, were able to find evidence that Mr H was negligently exposed to excessive levels of noise while working at Titan Steel Wheels, creating a risk of injury without providing the necessary safety precautions.

We successfully negotiated compensation of £5000, to help Mr H get the right equipment and support to help him manage in his everyday life with damaged hearing.

Puneet Kaur, the paralegal who helped secure Mr H's compensation, said;

"This case shows us the importance of following health and safety procedures in the workplace. Employers need to understand the important of protecting their employees from the risk of hearing damage. I'm so glad we were able to secure a compensation award of £5,000 on my client's behalf."

If you have been sustained hearing loss due to working conditions, our personal injury solicitors may be able to help. Visit our noise-induced hearing loss claims page for more information.

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