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Four Figure Settlement For Former Engineer With Hearing Loss

Expert Workplace Illness solicitors at Irwin Mitchell have secured a settlement for a former engineer who was left dependant on hearing aids after a decade of working on a noisy shop floor.

Anthony Pillai, now 65, started his career in 1968 as an apprentice with GEC Diesels in Stafford. Anthony eventually finished his apprenticeship and went on to become a Stress Engineer. His work involved the creation of diesel engines and he was constantly exposed to noise both on the factory floor, and during his time in the foundry.

Anthony left GEC Diesels in 1978, and his subsequent jobs didn’t expose him to the same level of excessive noise. However, in his 60s, Anthony’s hearing began to deteriorate. It was only when he sought medical advice in 2015, after years of struggling to understand conversations and relying on lip-reading, that he was fitted with hearing aids.

Despite originally thinking that his loss of hearing was simply down to aging, Anthony got in touch with our Workplace Illness team to have a closer look at the cause. After concluding that it was his time working at GEC Diesels that caused the damage to his hearing, our experts helped him secure a settlement from the company’s insurers to compensate Anthony for his hearing loss and to help pay for his hearing aids.

Anthony said: “While I’m delighted to have secured the settlement, I know that nothing will ever change what has happened to me. I would urge all employers to always ensure they are providing their workers with adequate hearing protection and taking steps to prevent anyone else facing what I’ve been through.”

Mark Allen, the solicitor who handled Anthony’s case: “From our experience on thousands of cases, we understand the huge impact that noise-induced hearing loss can have.

“Not only can it leave those affected feeling isolated and make it difficult for them to have normal conversations, it can also prove frustrating for friends and family too.

“We are delighted to have helped Anthony secure the financial support he deserves as a result of what he has been through. It is vital his case serves as an important reminder to employers of the need to ensure their staff are always well protected from the risk of hearing damage.”

If you or a loved one has been affected by noise-induced hearing loss, please get in touch with our Workplace Illness team. You can call us on 0370 1500 100 or fill in our contact form and we will call you back.

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