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Leasing rather than buying a property can give you extra flexibility and protect you from losing out due to falling property prices. Finding the right property to lease is one of the most important decisions a business will make, so it’s important to have expert legal help.

How We Can Help You Lease A Property

Once you’ve found a property, the first step is to agree heads of terms with the landlord. This document outlines various details about the property and allows you and the landlord to iron out any misunderstandings at an early stage. Read our tips on heads of terms

Once you’ve agreed the heads of terms, the landlord should provide a due diligence pack and a contract. The due diligence pack will include the title documentation and other technical documents. We can help you review all of these documents and identify any potential risks and opportunities for your business.

We’ll break down our costs into stages so you’ll always be clear exactly what you’re paying for and when.

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