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When small business owners look to take out a loan, it is common for banks to request that you give a guarantee and/or a charge over your family home.

Our Banking and Finance Team can advise you on the effect of a guarantee and a charge, the risks you take in signing them and whether they are reasonable and usual in what they say. 

The team will also be able to advise you about the circumstances in which the bank might demand payment from you and what actions they might take if payment is not made. We can also advise on what defences you might have and what protections you are given in relation to what the bank can do.

Taking out a guarantee or charge can give you access to valuable funds but the risks to your personal life can be significant. It’s important that you get expert advice from a team of solicitors with experience of these arrangements.

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Our solicitors can help you adapt to the many changes that Brexit will bring for all kinds of UK businesses, whether you trade abroad or not. 

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