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Disputes over boundaries and property are becoming more common. SMEs are by no means exempt from these disputes and the time, money and energy spent dealing with them can have a serious impact on your business.

If a neighbour is disputing an area of land that you own, we advise you to contact us for legal advice as soon as possible. Any delay could harm your position.

What Action To Take To Resolve Your Dispute

Firstly, try and talk to your neighbour to find out exactly what their position is and why they are making claims over the property. Agreeing a resolution at this stage is the ideal scenario.

If you can’t reach a consensual agreement, you might want to suggest a more formal discussion using a mediator. This can be more cost-effective than going through the courts.

If there’s no way to resolve the dispute without starting legal proceedings, we urge you to contact us as getting expert advice will be essential. These disputes can prove lengthy and costly but having an experienced team of lawyers on your side can mitigate this risk.

We will review title documents and any other documentation giving you ownership of the land. We may also look for evidence about who has occupied the land and for how long. In certain cases we may also get an expert report from a surveyor.

If there is still a dispute even after reviewing this documentation, we can support you through any court appearances.

Contact Us For Help Resolving A Property Dispute

If your business is involved in a property dispute and you would like legal advice, contact Steve Beahan on 0114 294 7868 or get in touch online.


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