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Leasing unused space to other businesses can bring in additional revenue. If your property is now too big for you or you have moved elsewhere but still own the building, we can help you understand the legal issues involved in allowing another business to use your property.

How We Can Help You

We have a number of standard documents that offer a cost-effective way of documenting your agreement with the other business. Our documents cover everything from an informal licence to use your property through to a more formal lease.

The process is simple for you – just fill in a basic fact sheet and we’ll produce the tailored documents that you need.

Sometimes the situation is more complicated and our standard documents are not suitable. We offer a more bespoke service in these cases. We can also help where you lease the property and your lease agreement prevents you from allowing another party to use the property without getting consent from your landlord.

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Our solicitors can help you adapt to the many changes that Brexit will bring for all kinds of UK businesses, whether you trade abroad or not. 

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