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Whether at the onset of business, or where a business has matured, where products are, or have been, developed or goodwill created, intellectual property rights may be created.

These could have significant value both for the business and as a separate asset that may be capable of being sold. It is important to protect know how and intellectual property to ensure the business remains robust and that value is protected. 

Dealings With Third Parties

In your dealings with third parties, Irwin Mitchell can provide confidentiality (or non disclosure) agreements, so that you can continue to maximise opportunities with third parties, whilst ensuring that value in your know-how and intellectual property is not eroded.

Additionally, you may strategically decide to licence your intellectual property or assign it to a third party or, in fact, be the recipient of other third party intellectual property to enable you to develop your business further. Our specialist team can advise and provide appropriate documents for you to use.

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