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If one of your employees makes a formal flexible working request, you must follow a set government process when assessing whether the request should be granted.

When you receive a request, you should start by contacting us for advice. Firstly we can work out if the request meets the necessary formal requirements. We will check that the letter includes all the prescribed information needed and whether the employee meets the established eligibility criteria.

If the request does meet the requirements, we can help guide you through the process. There are strict timelines involved for meeting with your employee and then providing the formal response. We can support you and help you to hit the deadlines.

Why It’s Important To Take Legal Advice On Flexible Working Requests

After holding the relevant meetings, you then need to accept or reject the request. If you choose to refuse the request, the decision must be based on one of the prescribed statutory reasons. We can go through these reasons with you and make sure you’re not putting your business at risk.

Dealing with a flexible working request unfairly could lead to a discrimination claim so it’s important to take legal advice. For example, people with caring responsibilities for a child under 18 or a disabled family member may be able to make a claim if you refuse their request.

The formal process for dealing with flexible working requests can seem daunting and the consequences of getting it wrong can be serious. Our experienced employment law specialists help many small and medium-sized businesses to deal with these requests. Get in touch for expert advice, guidance and support.

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