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Employees who perform poorly can have a significant impact on the efficiency and profitability of a small or medium-sized business. Poor performance needs robust handling.

The ideal solution for poor performance is working with your employee to improve the standard of their work and get them back on track. We can help guide you in relation to this process. If managing back into the business is not appropriate, there may be other ways to solve the problem, including dismissal where necessary. Again, we can guide you through this process.

What Action To Take To Deal With Poor Employee Performance

It is important to tackle problems around poor performance as soon as you start to become aware of them. This increases the likelihood of the employee’s performance improving but also puts you in a better position to defend any claim if you do have to dismiss the member of staff.

Start by investigating why your employee is performing poorly. There are many possible reasons, from lack of motivation or lack of training through to being affected by illness. If the poor performance could be related to a medical issue, you should contact us for legal advice to ensure that you are protected from any potential discrimination claims.

Make sure that the employee understands the ways in which their performance is inadequate and give them a reasonable opportunity to improve. Talk to them to find out if they need any support or training to help them improve in their role.

If performance does not improve within a reasonable timeframe, you may have no choice but to dismiss the employee. It’s important that the process to dismiss an employee is fair, so speak to one of our employment law specialists for guidance and advice. Getting this wrong can be costly.

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