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Many types of serious environmental incidents can occur on business premises, no matter what type of business it is. Large, international businesses will have environmental emergency response plans in place. With our help, you can too.

From a chemical spillage to an oil leak – all serious environmental incidents may lead to a variety of legal issues. On site, immediate legal support and a clear plan in dealing with the problems will be invaluable.

What Will Happen?

It is common for staff to panic when faced with an emergency. Senior management personnel must undertake practical steps, attempting to get matters back on track.

During this process, extensive legal evidence will be created with every hour that passes. In the most serious incidents, regulators will be on site within a 24 hour period. Emergency services may be required, the press may be present and your insurers will want to receive updates.

How Can We Help?

With employees with their backs to the wall and senior management taking practical, commercial decisions, a small or medium sized business will often have nobody on site to consider the legal position. However, whenever such matters result in Court, it is always the immediate aftermath of the incident that provides much of the evidence.

Our team of expert environmental lawyers can ensure that nothing is missed. Document management becomes vital at this time and our lawyers ensure that any witnesses are noted, all relevant documents are copied and a clear log of activities is retained.

When things go wrong, people need a plan. For a small fixed fee, you can have the peace of mind of an emergency response plan which can be consulted should an incident occur.

Who Should You Contact?

For any questions in relation to emergency response to an environmental incident, or in relation to a crisis response plan, please contact us on 0370 1500 100 or get in touch online.


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