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Burns Pit Action For Service Personnel In The US Gets The Green Light

Our London office is currently working with US Attorneys in a claim for Service Personnel against Kellogg Brown Root Inc who are a major US Defence Contractor. It is alleged that KBR Inc carried out waste disposal in Iraq and Afghanistan and used burn pits to incinerate materials.

The claim is for Personnel who lived and worked in the vicinity of the pits and who were exposed to fumes caused by the incineration. The action alleges that toxins were created by the fumes leading Service Personnel to develop serious injuries including cancers, chronic bronchitis, rashes and respiratory problems.

Earlier this year the United States Court of Appeal for the Fourth Circuit overturned a decision that KBR Inc had immunity from claims because they were a Defence Contractor, acting on behalf of the US Government.

This paves the way for Service Personnel to bring their legal actions and to try and prove the link between the alleged exposure and their illnesses. Service Personnel in the UK should be aware of this claim.


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Geraldine McCool

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