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Double Divorce Challenge at the Supreme Court

Irwin Mitchell will have two cases in the Supreme Court starting on Monday 8th June. We represent two wives whose husbands misled them during their divorce proceedings leading to them accepting settlements which they now believe to be unfair. Ahead of the appearance at the Supreme Court, the Family Law team have appeared in both The Times and Daily Mail and we anticipate more coverage in the coming weeks.

One of our clients, Alison Sharland, accepted what she believed to be a 50/50 division of the family assets during her divorce, but she later found out that her husband had deliberately misled the courts over the valuation of his business and an intention to float the company. Our other client Varsha Gohil agreed a settlement worth £270,000 and the couple's car, but again later found that her husband had failed to properly disclose his finances and was worth much more. Mr Gohil has been convicted of money laundering and fraud offences valued at approximately $57 million.

It's the first time in more than 30 years that the highest court in the land will hear cases on this particular issue and we hope that the courts will clarify the law and consequences relating to dishonest behaviour in family proceedings. There are concerns that if the settlements are not overturned, others in future could use these cases as a precedent for getting away with lying in their divorce proceedings.

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