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Jimmy Simpson was starved of oxygen during his birth at South Tyneside District Hospital. He was left with Cerebral Palsy problems and he is now wheelchair dependant and requires around-the-clock care from his mother Kim and the rest of his family.

Represented by Irwin Mitchell’s specialist medical negligence lawyers, the family secured vital funds to support his ongoing care needs. Our Court of Protection team helped the family to not only purchase but then adapt a bungalow to meet all of Jimmy’s complex needs. During the early years of Jimmy’s life, he lived in a small three-bedroom bungalow and the lack of space meant he was unable to easily go into different rooms. Jimmy, now 17, has moved into the new bungalow which has a host of features, including a hoist system which allows him to move easily around the house, specialist bathroom features and adjustments to light switches, cupboards and even the front door.

Jimmy Simpson


Jimmy’s delighted mother, Kim said: “I cried when I first came in this house. I couldn’t quite believe that all of those years of dreaming and putting things in place for Jimmy had finally come to fruition. It was like a dream.”

We were so moved by Jimmy’s story that we have produced a short film which showcases the improvements which were made with the support of specialist architects, and the huge difference it has made to the lives of Jimmy and his family.

Katie Thackray, a Partner in our Court of Protection team who represents Jimmy and Kim praised their spirit and determination by saying: “Despite everything they have faced, Jimmy and his family have shown incredible determination, his story is truly inspiring and we are delighted that they have agreed to feature in a short film outlining how vital compensation secured in serious cases of this nature can have a life changing impact.”

Focus on Court of Protection - February 2018