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In June, we were delighted to be the headline partner for The Children’s Trust’s national paediatric brain injury conference for a second time. The conference gathered together expert clinical professions to explore how best to rehabilitate children and young people with an acquired brain injury following illness or injury.

Rubiks Cube

The day was opened by Sarah Griggs, partner in our personal injury team who specialises in complex brain injury cases, and hosted by Dr Anna Maw, consultant paediatric neurologist at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust.

The stellar line up of speakers included neuroscientist, clinician and author, Dr Lucia Braga, The SARAH Network; Dr Carolyn Dunford, senior lecturer at Brunel University London; Mr Simon Stapleton, consultant neurosurgeon at St. George’s Hospital; Dr Vijeya Ganesan, senior lecturer in Paediatric Neurology and honorary consultant paediatric neurologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital. As well as some marvellous speakers from The Children’s Trust including Dr Katy James, head of the Brain Injury Community Service and Dr Jenny Jim, principal clinical psychologist.

The talks focussed on the puzzling complexities, connections and challenges of acquired brain injury in children and young people.

A Day To Remember

Some of the highlights included a moving case study from Victoria who shared her story about her daughter Coco and the stroke she suffered at the age of six. Having been told that her child wasn’t likely to survive, Victoria told her moving story and the turbulent journey the family endured.

“I’ll never forget being in A&E. Coco had just had a CT scan and I was taken into a room and told she’d suffered a massive bleed on her brain. All I could think was ‘she’s only six, it’s not possible!’ I was on my own when they told me and I was in shock.”

After eight agonising hours of surgery, Coco was placed in an induced coma and was described as minimally conscious. After three long months in hospital Coco was transferred to The Children’s Trust for intensive specialist brain injury rehabilitation. It was truly inspirational to hear Victoria speak about Coco’s tremendous journey of rehabilitation and an insight into what life is like today.

We fully appreciate the valuable work of The Children’s Trust and have seen first-hand, over many years, the direct impact they have on children and young people from across the UK. We fully support their vision for all children with a brain injury to have the opportunity to live the best life they possibly can.

Through years of experience of working with families whose children have brain injuries, and have required the services of The Children’s Trust, we see that they are often concerned with how they can protect their child’s future.

We understand that every moment of a child’s recovery is important, and we are committed to ensuring that families have the right legal support to ensure, where possible, that their needs are addressed, securing the best possible financial settlement, medical care and rehabilitation, so they can focus on their recovery.

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