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‘No Limits!’ was a photographic competition organised by IM in association with Contact a Family.

To the judges, ‘No Limits!’ was an attention grabbing image that is positive, empowering and demonstrates that there are ‘No Limits!’ and every disabled person has the right to live their life and work towards their goals without limitations.

‘No Limits!’ received hundreds of unique and inspirational entries that showcased moments packed full of emotion.

The photos were shortlisted for each of the four categories - Ambition, Independence, Life and People, a task which proved “extremely difficult” giving the standard of entry.

The overall competition winner was from Ian Callen for his photo titled ‘Life on the Open Sea’. The judges loved this photo, saying it “Captures the spirit of ‘No Limits!’ warmth, ambition, character and soul - absolutely marvellous!”

Its aim was to bring together a wide range of people in all communities, to engage in representing their vision of ‘No Limits!’ in an educational, creative and community spirited way.

Thank you to everyone who supported and entered the competition which has inspired everyone. You can view all of the winning entries as well as those for each category here.