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As featured in our last issue of Focus on Brain Injury, we continue with the remarkable story of Jaxx Cave, who suffered serious injuries including a shattered skull after being hit by a bus and is now starring in an online video mini-series to inspire other injury victims in their recovery.

The series follows Jacqueline ‘Jaxx’ Cave in a ‘Fly on the Wall’ factual mini-series entitled 'The Road To Recovery', which takes in her battle to get her life back on track and the ongoing recovery process she is going through.

In May 2010, Jaxx was left with a shattered skull after being hit by a bus while on her way home from work in Croydon, where she was working as a drug and alcohol commissioner for young people.

Initially, doctors said it was unlikely that she would survive, or that she would have very little quality of life if she did. However, Jaxx has since surpassed all expectations – learning to walk, talk and feed herself again with the help of a specialist rehabilitation programme implemented by her lawyers at Irwin Mitchell.

The series of videos are broadcast on our website, which are intended to inform and inspire others involved in rehabilitation and recovery from serious injuries.

The first episode of the The Road to Recovery series features Jaxx being invited onto Croydon Community Radio where local presenter Dawn Assefa talks to her about her life threatening injuries, her time in hospital and her amazing rehabilitation and recovery.

Additional episodes show Jaxx settling into her new home assisted by her case manager and returning to hospital to lend her support to the ‘Giving Voice’ campaign at the Royal Hospital for Neurodisability to raise awareness for people with communication difficulties. Finally her mum, Maddy, gives her personal perspective of dealing with the difficulties at the time of Jaxx’s accident.

Earlier this year IM published an extensive research report into NHS rehabilitation across the UK and found that if services were improved, the NHS could save £120m on top of the savings to Government benefits, as people who undergo specialist rehabilitation from their injuries are much less likely to be reliant on state benefits.

Sarah Griggs, a specialist serious injury lawyer at IM representing Jaxx said: "She is an inspirational woman and is not only determined to put her all into recovery and rehabilitation, but is also very keen on sharing her experiences with others to help them overcome their own ordeals.

"Put simply, specialist and expert rehabilitation improves the lives of those who have suffered serious injuries. As well as working with Jaxx to assist with her future, we are working to secure vital funds for care and rehabilitation on behalf of many injury victims, be that from a car accident, work accident or clinical negligence case."

Jaxx said: "I know the process of rehabilitation can be a long journey and it is tough at times. I wanted to make these videos to show others in a similar situation that life does not stop when you become seriously injured. There is a lot of help and support out there for injured people.

"Doctors originally said I wouldn’t survive my injuries but I have been determined to get my life back on track and live as independently as possible. No one can turn the clock back and stop the accident from happening but what we can do is give 100 per cent in our battle to recover.

"I am lucky in that I have had some excellent advice and support along my journey. Now I want to give something back and show others what can be achieved."

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