CAA Publishes New Rules For UK Airshows Following Shoreham Crash

Specialist Lawyers Representing Victims Welcome Safety Improvements


Dave Grimshaw, Press Officer | 0114 274 4397

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has published its final report from the review of UK civil air displays following the Shoreham Airshow crash as it bids to improve safety measures at future events.

An ex-military Hawker Hunter jet aircraft crashed into the westbound carriageway of the A27 on 22 August 2015 while taking part in an air display near Shoreham airport. Eleven people on the ground were killed, a number of others were seriously injured and the pilot also suffered serious injuries.

Specialist aviation lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are representing and advising people left injured following the Shoreham air crash. They are helping them to access the therapies and rehabilitation they need to overcome the ordeal.

Jim Morris, a specialist aviation lawyer at Irwin Mitchell and former RAF pilot representing victims of the Shoreham airshow crash, said:

Expert Opinion
“Any accident such as this is bound to result in major changes to improve safety in future. This was the first major incident involving public fatalities at an airshow for 60 years.

“It has been a big wake-up call and many potential areas of improvement to safety guidelines were highlighted by the tragic events last August.

“The new rules cover the distance the crowd can stand from the display, increased minimum altitudes for manoeuvres, strengthening the competency requirements for pilots and the reporting for event organisers.

“It is now important that this final report from the CAA is not be the last step and that a continuous programme of monitoring and refinement takes place to ensure the new guidance achieves what it is setting out to do.

“Although no one wants to dampen the enjoyment that many people derive from airshows, it’s quite clear that the regulations for organisers looking to put on a display had to be improved to reduce the risk of similar issues in future.”
Jim Morris, Partner