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£6,000 for Roofer in Accident at Work

Gary was injured in September 2005 whilst working as a roofer.

He was asked by his employers to strip a roof of its tiles. To do so, he had to stand on battens running between the rafters of the roof and, as he did so, one of the battens broke causing him to fall sustaining injury to his face.

He sustained a deep laceration to his face which required cleaning and stitching under general anaesthetic and he has been left with an obvious scar. He also suffered headaches for a few weeks following the accident.

The case was settled by Lisa Fairclough of Irwin Mitchell's specialist Industrial Accident Team.

She said, "Failure by Gary's employers to properly assess the state of the roof that work was being carried out on and failure to provide appropriate equipment such as crawling boards or other means of support led to Gary sustaining the injuries that he did."

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