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Rehabilitation After Brain Injury

Specialist Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services

The benefits of specialist rehabilitation after a brain injury are well recognised. Rehabilitation is something of a buzzword – what matters is the delivery not the gloss.

Irwin Mitchell has been at the forefront of integrating effective rehabilitation for clients who have suffered brain injury for many years and has a track record of delivery. In 1999 shortly after the publication of the Early Intervention Code for Rehabilitation, Irwin Mitchell’s pioneering efforts in building rehab into our client care were already being recognised with “the Lawyer” national Client Care Award for our specialist brain injury teams. From there we have gone on to build up our skills, our links and our determination to secure the best rehab for our clients. 

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What Can Our Clients Expect?

From the outset, we discuss and review our clients’ options for rehabilitation and who will be our partners in delivering this. We will explain the options as the case progresses and aim to work closely with those who will be delivering the therapy and other input. We aim to maximise long term potential before a brain injury claim can be fully assessed.

Who Do We Work With To Deliver This?

Very often NHS healthcare specialists make up the right team in the early stage, but brain injury rehabilitation can be a long haul and we look for other partners to ensure that the good work done at an acute stage after injury will be continued. Where appropriate we will work with insurance companies and private providers, but we will not recommend organisations that fail to demonstrate skills and expertise with brain injury claims.

Irwin Mitchell supports and advocates for the British Society of Rehabilitation Management Code of Best Practice. This is aimed at ensuring that public and private support and therapy sit well together and together get the right results.

Who Is Paying?

Again, there are options depending upon the circumstances. NHS healthcare is generally free of charge but insurance companies can sometimes offer to fund brain injury rehabilitation programmes directly. Wherever possible we apply for interim payments to create a fund to buy specialist services, ensuring that our client has control over the process and that we can monitor delivery and ensure quality of service. What matters to us is what is in our clients’ best interests.

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