About John Palmer Timeshare Fraud

About John Palmer Timeshare Fraud

About John Palmer

IM has liaised with the Timeshare Consumers Association to bring an action against John Palmer on behalf of victims of his timeshare fraud to recover their losses.

With our help over 350 individuals have already issued proceedings against John Palmer and obtained a judgement for over £3.8m, plus costs.

What's new

On seeking to recover £3.8 million in compensation for their clients, IM have successfully applied to the court to have John Palmer declared bankrupt. Press release.

The particulars of the John Palmer Timeshare Fraud claim have been released on 17th November 2003, download the particulars here.

IM produce a client bulletin periodically for all Palmer claimants registered with the firm, in order to keep all parties informed of the latest case developments. The latest bulletins are listed below, categorised by month.

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